Dating shoplifter

How shoplifters are caught and brought to justice will depend on you and your local laws, but what remains constant is the inevitable possibility of shrinkage due to theft.

There are lots ways to prevent your merchandise from being stolen by employees and shoplifters.

The motivations behind stealing make up a vast kaleidoscope of variables that depend on the individual.

How to stay on top of new or popular shoplifting methods?

Crayon drawings line the walls, evidence of her two young children, but otherwise the place is minimalist—which is startling given how Samson has spent the past 15 years.Having visible signage such as “shoplifters will be persecuted” is one way, but it might be a little unfriendly and off-putting for the general store environment.Having visible cameras, even if they aren’t functioning, might be a more discrete signal, one that most shoplifters will notice.You can keep up-to-date with the advice people seem to like to share online, such as this tongue-and-cheek writer did for Huffington Post.With a good security strategy and a staff that has been trained to deter shoplifters, you should be able to keep shrinkage to a minimum.

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